Implementation of Loan Workbench 2.0 at the BBSB Is Complete

At the end of February 2011, Softgenic Systems completed a project integrating the Loan Workbench loan management system at the Belarusian Bank for Small Business, CJSC.

The Belarusian Bank for Small Business is the first bank in Belarus specializing in provision of services for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses.

Loan Workbench 2.0 was chosen as the platform for automatization of all of the bank's credit provision tasks. The list of reasons for choosing Loan Workbench 2.0 included, first of all, the availability of comprehensive functions integrated into the system, the possibility for easy integration with the software already used in the bank, as well as its reasonable price and the low total cost of ownership.

During integration, Softgenic Systems specialists adjusted and customized the software according to the requirements and specific character of activities in Belarus, migrated the existing credit data, adjusted bilateral integration with the bank's operational day (ST.BANK.IT), installed the system in all regional offices of the bank, and held an all-inclusive training for bank employees.

This project has become one of the most comprehensive automatization projects recently performed by Softgenic Systems. The project covers both automatization of the decision-making processes, and that of the major part of the bank's mid- and back-office workflow.

The availability of flexible algorithms in the borrower evaluation, including the adjusted financial analysis module in Loan Workbench 2.0, provides the bank the possibility to minimize risks when making decisions about credit provision. Built-in features to analyze credit portfolios in Loan Workbench 2.0 allow managers to receive promptly all information about the status of the credit portfolio. Bank employees can take full advantage of working in the unified customer service system, according to the approved internal standards of BBSB.

Use of the Loan Workbench 2.0 loan management system allows BBSB to quickly and profoundly satisfy customer demands, simplifies a number of technological and business procedures, and decreases operational risks, simultaneously boosting and simplifying the process of operational and analytical reports preparation, and thus positively influencing the effectiveness of bank activities on the whole.

Belarusian Bank for Small Business The Closed Joint Stock Company, "Belarusian Bank for Small Business," was registered on August 28, 2008. The bank's main task is to support business development in Belarus by providing banking services for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. The bank's offices operate in Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Grodno, Lid, Vitebsk and Mogilev.