About Us

Softgenic Systems is an international company focusing on software development for commercial banks and non-banking financial organizations. Our head office is located in Heidelberg (Germany).

The company operates both in the market of banking automation participating in large-scale multidivisional projects and in the market of products and services for smaller credit and finance organizations.

Package approach
Softgenic Systems provides a full cycle of operations from review of the customers’ requirements to implementation and maintenance of turnkey solutions. The project stages and their contents depend on the customer’s scale, its organizational structure, business specifics, the need for our consulting services and many other factors. We take all these into account at the pre-design stage to develop optimal effective and successful solutions.

Our solutions can be adapted to automate business processes of any complexity level.

Use of the newest information technologies for software development enables us to create highly efficient, easily scalable and safe solutions.

Our solutions can be easily integrated into other information systems.

Softgenic Systems unites talented employees and high-class professionals. In all our operations, we put an emphasis on reliability and loyalty to our customers, and, most importantly, on individual approach in implementing joint projects.