Loan Workbench Lite - Free Loan Management System

Softgenic Systems announces the release of free software for automation of lending process, known as Loan Workbench Lite.

Loan Workbench Lite allows financial institutions to use a single centralized loan management system without any initial costs. The primary target audience of the system includes banks, microfinance companies, credit organizations and unions.

The free version contains the most requested features, which cover almost all major stages of the lending process, including preparation and approval of payment schedules, financial analysis of the borrower, management of loan contracts, collateral and financial guarantee management, payment monitoring and analysis of the existing loan portfolio, etc. Loan Workbench Lite has built-in basic capabilities of integration with other information systems already in use.

Loan Workbench Lite contains about 30% of the functionality offered in the full version of Loan Workbench. At the client’s request, basic features of the free system may be enhanced by choosing any set of additional functions from over 100 available options.

Softgenic Systems offers its customers multi-level technical support. Along with the free version of the Loan Workbench Lite system maintenance, users can also select one of the paid support levels. For the most demanding clients we provide prompt response to any request within a few hours.

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